Grassroots. Community-run. VC-free. Decentralization maximalist.

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We work with some of the most innovative teams

  • Chainlink
  • Balancer
  • Liquity
  • Aura
  • Curve
  • StakeDAO
  • BProtocol
  • Paladin

Tokens Linked to Anything. Compatible with all of DeFi.

Bao is building new on-chain markets with tokens priced by data feeds, designed to disrupt and expand on the staggering $2.5 quadrillion centralized derivative market. With use cases including RWAs, Stocks, Currencies, commodities, Interest rates and yields, indexes, economic indicators, AI performance, Weather data, Energy prices, social media trends, and more, the power of data-backed derivatives is vast.

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Borrow price stable derivatives on your terms

borrow on-chain derivatives while using the safest Liquid Staked ETH tokens as collateral. Options for borrowing are continually expanding. baoUSD and baoETH markets are available now!

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Swap protocol tokens built into the app

Seamlessly swap your favorite protocol tokens directly within the app. Enjoy fast, secure, and efficient token exchanges without ever leaving the platform.

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Earn protocol revenue and governance rights

Lock governance tokens, amplifying voting power to influence gauge weights and direct incentives within the ecosystem.

Grassroots. Community-run. VC-free. Decentralization maximalist.

Bao is a community of anons intent on transforming how we leverage and interact with data. Our onchain derivatives take advantage of the decentralization, transparency and security that blockchain allows, moving financial power from institutions to individuals.

  • VC Free

    During our distribution phase, Bao raised funds from over 200 DeFi communities, freeing us from the shackles of Venture Capitalists primarily interested in extracting value.

  • Communty Run

    We are run by our community, which controls all aspects of the project, from its core team and products to revenue distribution and tokenomics.

  • Grassroots

    Anyone can contribute to Bao's success. All of the core team were regular community members at one time. We are focused on mass participation from anyone who supports our mission.

  • Decentralization Maximalist

    Our products are designed with decentralization in mind. Without central points of failure, we are more resilient, censorship resistant, transparent, accessable, and adaptable.

Ready to help us build?

Whether you are a developer, designer, or just a crypto enthusiast, join our community and help us build the future of finance.